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 Log furniture & rustic decor company listing

I know a little about furniture...

More about Tom editor of this directory and I guess that makes me the "CHAIRman".  I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you find what you are searching for. My goal has been to make this directory the best online resource for all things log & rustic.  If you catch a mistake on the website or have a question, please send me an email.

I am a small business owner and an experienced furniture maker.  My business experience is fairly wide-ranging, and fortunately so too are my God-given talents with woodworking.  My interest in working with wood was inspired by my father who worked for Black and Decker tool company. As a young boy I used to watch him demonstrate tools and I believed he was the smartest man in the world (I later discovered that he was).

See my log and slab hutch...My appreciation for woodworking techniques was later enhanced by high school shop classes and lifelong personal experimentation.  I derive enormous pleasure from creating a new furniture project.  My resume includes traditional Queen Ann and Chippendale style antique reproductions, early American tables and cabinets, and weathered Adirondack chairs and tables.  See the log and slab china closet I made for my bride. 

Also see a few articles I've written about log and rustic topics...
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After moving to northwest Montana (at the turn of this century) and buying our "cabin in the woods", my wife and I became enamored with log and rustic furnishings.  I decided to build the furniture we would use in our house.  I'm nowhere near finished yet (my bride sees to that), but we have a number of pieces of which I'm quite proud.  This venture into log and rustic furniture building was actually the catalyst for launching this directory.  Read more about that below...

A few other results of quality shop time...

Reproduction Queen Anne secretary

A reproduction Queen Anne secretary in mahogany.

Sea Captain's chest of walnut with burl inlays

Sea Captain's chest of walnut with burl inlays. Brass hardware fashioned by hand.
Walnut pie crust table top
Walnut pie crust table.
Charcoal drawing
Charcoal drawing.


Why am I sharing all this with you? 

First and foremost I want you to know I'm a real person who is devoted to the topics I write about and the contents of this website.  There is just so much junk and clutter out there you can never be sure with whom you are communicating.  There, maybe after all this you'll feel like you know me.... and the next time you're in NW Montana, stop by for a visit.

I have worn many hats in my 50+ years.  From delivering newspapers as a kid to Vice President of a multi-national corporation.  I am an Internet business author and founder of a couple of Internet ventures.  Along the way I've been involved in sales, marketing, offline and online retailing, computer programming and corporate management.  Someday I'll figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

I know a little about the Internet business...

In 1994, I co-founded a company called PICnet, which was one of the first ISPs in the United States. As a pioneer in the Internet industry, we helped companies such as Frito-Lay and Virgin Records develop their company websites, but our major thrust was small businesses.  In fact, I wrote one of the first books to help small businesses capitalize on the emerging marketing opportunities of the Internet.

The Complete Small Business Internet Guide

The Complete Small Business Internet GuideBack in 1998, Macmillan Publishing released our Internet business book to wide acclaim.  It was designed to help small businesses create, set up and maintain their Website without having to invest significant time and money in the process.  Written for those who didn't know how or where to begin.  As you might imagine, this book is hopelessly out of date today (and out of print).

How this directory came about...

The inspiration to compile a list of quality log and rustic furniture manufacturers evolved as a result of my own frustrating searches for log furniture, plans, tools, supplies and decorating ideas.  A typical Internet query was disappointing and chaotic at best.  You are as likely to find information on tree farming, server "logs" and geek "blogs" as to find a log furniture company in Virginia.  I believed there was a need to sift through this chaos and pull together an all-inclusive list of companies and individuals involved in the creation of quality log and rustic furnishings. 

Similarities abound

Fabricating a piece of log furniture is not unlike building this directory... we see this work as creating order from chaos.  The natural shape and character of a log is usually emphasized to produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  The niche of log furniture makers is small and it is buried deep within the chaos that is the Internet.  This directory brings order to this wonderful and much abused niche of log and rustic furniture artisansKeyword Search!

Search engines vs. this directory

What makes this directory more significant than any search engine

Search engine robots and the algorithms they employ to evaluate websites (for inclusion in their database) means that many of the most talented log furniture makers' websites don't appear in many search engines.  Or if they do, they are buried hundreds (or thousands) of listings deep.  Why is this, you ask? 

Search engines use highly sophisticated automated technology to make a decision on a site's "worthiness" (for inclusion) by using pre-programmed conditions.  Among their criteria...

The amount of traffic a site receives. Well, that leaves most of us out in the cold as we operate in such a narrow industry niche.  Our goal is not oodles of traffic, but qualified, interested buyers.

The numbers of sites that link "to" a particular site.  The thinking here is that if numerous sites link to, it must be popular and offer great information.  Don't confuse this with links "from" a site (your links page).  That benefits the sites you link to - not necessarily your website.

Depth of content. Again, this eliminates most of us as our websites are more like electronic brochures and storefronts, not necessarily jam-packed with related educational matter.  As an example, few log furniture sites discuss the history of log furniture, construction techniques, etc. in depth. Typically, the goal is to sell products, not instruct.

These are a few reasons why a human-edited directory is so much more valuable than any generic web search.  We have collected our data as a result of spending countless hours sifting through search engine data, city business listings, furniture directories, Yellow Pages - and of course, receiving submissions from vendors wishing to be included.  As a result...

Thanks again for stopping by and if you don't see something you were hoping to find, please let me know.

Best regards,

This Log Furniture Directory is the most complete listing of log and rustic furniture manufacturers available online - or offline

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