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Got pets?  Do they eat?

More specifically, got cats and dogs who eat each others' food?  We do, and we figured out a clever, inexpensive way to solve the problem.  Our dog is a fair sized critter.  Although she is only 3 yrs. old and technically still a puppy, she's weighed 100 pounds since she was 1, and can look a 5 ft. person in the eyes when standing on her hind legs. Our gentle giant is a Great Pyrenees, and she is wonderful with our cats. They don't fight or fuss at each other, but the dog is a common thief and pilfers the cat's food whenever the occasion presents itself... in other words, anytime we aren't looking.

We tried everything we could think of to position the cat food bowls where the dog couldn't get at them, but the cats - and the cats' owners could.  Inspiration struck as I watched our "food thief" stretch over the countertop in our laundry room and drag a food bowl near to where she could empty the bowl with one swipe of her tongue.  Ta Da (I thought)!  All I needed to do was lift the bowls a few inches off the counter and they would be inaccessible to the food burglar.  That seemed like a better idea than nailing the bowls to the counter.

Solution: I created an everyday wooden shelf with cut-outs for the bowls and screwed it to the wall.

  1. The food bowls are literally held in place by the holes into which they rest.  A simple round cut-out allows for effortless removal for cleaning

  2. The "food station" is fastened to the wall with drywall anchors and rests on the back splash of the counter

  3. I drilled three holes perpendicular to the grain and inserted glue-covered dowels to add strength and counteract potential warping

  4. A coat of natural stain and a couple coats of bowling alley wax produced a natural rustic look

Projects don't get much simpler than this one, but the functionality is a real head slapper.  A few basic power tools such as a drill and a jig saw, 2' of scrap lumber, a small board, and a few screws and glue makes this a project you can afford if you skip lunch.

If you have pets, this is one of those items that you need regardless of whether you live in a log home or a New York apartment. The finish you choose can compliment your decor.  Are you into neo-modern?  Paint your feeding station stark white or cover it with foil.  Go crazy!

Dog DIY projects (cont):  If you have a big dog and drive a truck, getting Fido into the passenger compartment can sometimes be a chore, especially if your pooch is older or overweight.  I drive a 4x4 Dodge 3500 that sits high off the ground.  To make it easier for our dog to get in and out of the truck, I created a simple step that lock in place between the step-bars and the frame.  See my dog step pad here.

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