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Making Mortise-and-Tenons CD ROMMaking Mortise-and-Tenons CD ROM

Frank Klausz (of Fine Woodworking Workshop fame),  demonstrates three different procedures to cut mortises: with a chisel, a plunge router and jig and with a hollow chisel mortise attachment for a drill press. Get the inside scoop on the proper way to make these joints. This is an excellent video for the novice or the experienced woodworker.  More...


The Art of Rustic Furniture: Traditions, Techniques, InspirationsThe Art of Rustic Furniture
Traditions, Techniques, Inspirations by Daniel Mack

By one of the top rustic furniture-makers, this book offers a variety of rustic projects, many of them reproductions of turn-of-the-century slab and rustic furniture. Use time-tested techniques to create a distinctive bench, settee, gazebo, or chair from wood you’ve chosen. More...


Making Rustic Furniture
The Tradition, Spirit, and Technique by Daniel Mack

Making Rustic Furniture“With no previous woodworking experience and a few basic hand tools, anyone can make rustic furniture for the cost of a few nails, a walk in the woods, and this book. Hundreds of both color and black-and-white photographs display the rich traditions and the vast stylistic range of past and contemporary rustic furniture.”—Popular Woodworking. “Highly recommended.”—Fine Tool Journal.


How to Make Rustic Garden Furniture
by Kim EltrondHow to make rustic garden furniture

A video that is an excellent tutorial for those craftpersons that want to learn how to make bent wood furniture. Kim discusses and illustrates all the necessary tools and techniques from gathering green wood to making two different projects: a plant stand and a settee.  More...



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